Understanding social engineering persuasive techniques.

According to a PurpleSec report, 98% of cyberattacks rely on social engineering. No matter how strong your password or security setup is, hackers and scammers know there’s one vulnerability they can always exploit: you. Social engineering attacks use human vulnerability to get around cybersecurity roadblocks. Instead of trying to hack into your accounts to steal… Continue reading Understanding social engineering persuasive techniques.

SOC 2 Principles

Home About ServicesOpen menu Advisory Security Engineering Managed Services MediaOpen menu Press Releases Insights Videos Training Contact Us Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! SOC 2 Principles September 14, 2021 System and Organizational Control -SOC 2 is an auditing process targeting inter-business relationships. SOC 2 principles… Continue reading SOC 2 Principles