How Infoprive assisted a Leading African Bank in the reduction of PCI scope and discovery of mission critical data


A leading African bank with more than 5 million customers needed to urgently achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCIDSS) compliance as part of its governance, compliance and risk mandate.


Infoprive reviewed the card processing environment, the existing security practices and security solution with the aim to optimize what was obtainable. The scope and footprint of the cardholder data environment and processes was reduced to effectively enable the bank manage the compliance effort.  Remedial effort for areas where gaps existed were driven by Infoprive and the bank successfully achieved PCIDSS compliance seven (7) months after and within approved budget.


Reduced scope for PCIDSS Compliance thereby reducing cost.
Facilitated business as usual approach to PCIDSS compliance.
Increased the overall security of cardholder’s security within the bank.