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Penetration Testing

A leading commercial bank identified vulnerabilities in its system with infoprive’s managed services


Headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria, a leading commercial bank license by the CBN, offers retail banking, corporate banking, online/internet banking, investment banking, and asset management services amongst others.

Business Challenge

Aiming to enhance the protection of the online services against cyber-attacks, our client needed to identify all security weaknesses of the utilized web applications and their internal network to mitigate the risk of misusing the network services.

To offer cost-effective and efficient cybersecurity solutions, we worked with our MSSP partner Esentry to provide unrivaled services and solutions to our client;


As a security consultant, Esentry needed to:
• Perform the evaluation of security risks for the business-critical web applications and network services;
• Provide detailed recommendations on the improvement of information systems’ security level.


The security testing approach suggested by Esentry was based on the OWASP security testing guidelines.
Esentry presented a detailed solution to our client, which included:

  • Analysis of the information from public resources;
  • Vulnerability Assessment: discovering all vulnerabilities in the target web and application servers with the use of known automated tools, e.g. Netsparker, and the developed specific tests;
  • Black Box and White Box penetration testing;
  • Controlled hacking of the target systems by experts certified in information security, to confirm the identified vulnerabilities and discover the undetected ones.


  • A detailed report comprising the list of vulnerabilities and configuration weaknesses, which could be exploited in the network points.
  • Recommendations on remediations.
  • An executive report informing the bank’s management team on the existing information security risks and how we helped mitigate them

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