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PCI-DSS & ISO27001 Compliance

Infoprive’s solution ensures leading bank’s proactive cybersecurity posture to customers’ sensitive data


Our Client, a Nigerian financial services provider, licensed as a commercial bank is an innovative financial institution that offers customized business solutions and advanced products.

Business Challenge

Effective firewall policy management and simplified compliance management. Firewall devices, routers, and switches protect the financial data of Bank’s customers, as well as the operations of their branches.

As a bank, all security policies and firewall configurations must comply with PCI-DSS and ISO27001 standards. Ensuring compliance, however, is quite challenging for the IT security team.

With equipment from many different vendors, even simple policy audits were challenging tasks. As a result of the diversity of products and lack of visibility, it was difficult to monitor changes to rule configurations in real-time in order to maintain internal security compliance as well as PCI compliance. Cleaning up and fine-tuning firewall policies is a particularly complex process, which made it difficult to respond quickly to the changing needs of business applications in the bank. The bank sought a solution that would simplify the process of conducting a risk analysis, evaluating PCI compliance, and identifying the necessary steps for remediation for her network equipment infrastructure.


Deploy Algosec Firewall Analyser is deployed to simplify policy and compliance management across the bank’s network. Our client decided to choose AlgoSec’s Security Management solution following an intensive vendor selection process. Impressed with features like AlgoSec’s superior security policy analysis and ability to make actionable recommendations with a high level of accuracy. This solution will enable the bank to identify ways to consolidate and optimize rules, perform a deep risk analysis, automate workflows and ensure compliance.

AlgoSec helps to identify overly permissive firewall rules based on actual use, as well as duplicate, unused, and expired rules and objects. This information gives the bank data they need to close off potential access points and help prevent attacks.

AlgoSec also provides clear, detailed recommendations on how to best reorder rules for optimal firewall performance. In addition, AlgoSec validates firewall policy and rules against regulations such as PCI, as well as industry best practices and customized corporate policies to uncover and prioritize risks and track trends over time.

Since implementation, AlgoSec has enabled the bank’s IT team to maximize time and resources when complying with internal policies, PCI, and other standards, and when monitoring changes in rules

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