Infoprive Supported Onix Data Centre, Accra to Achieve ISO 27001 and ISO 9001


Onix Data Centers Ltd has announced that it has received its ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certification from MSECB. This is the product of four months of hard work and dedication by the Onix team, as well as consultants from Infoprive. This achievement signifies a remarkable milestone for ONIX Data Centres Ltd. It also solidifies its commitment to continually provide its customers and partners with the highest quality services possible.


Michael Nahon Onix CEO stated, “I am very thankful to the team, and Infoprive for all the hard work put in to secure these important certifications. With them, we solidify our position as the number one data centre in the region, conforming to all international standards.”


The ISO 27001 certification ensures that organisations understand their security needs and then implement measures that reduce the risk of data breaches and personal or sensitive data loss. Michael Offei Thompson, Onix’s Facility Manager, stated, “our security needs have been identified, and controls have been implemented. Our customers and partners will be assured that their data housed in our facility is entirely secure, and the risk of data breaches is minute.”


The ISO 9001 certification ensures organisations meet their customers’ needs within statutory regulations relating to their products or services. This international standard has helped us emphasise the use of procedures and documentation to regulate and control how processes should be performed.


This internationally recognised certification and their Tier IV status demonstrate that Onix offers world-class services, unmatchable by any other Data Centre in the region. Clients’ data assets remain secure to the highest specifications, and Onix are eligible to house the most sensitive data. Onix continuously seeks to improve industry standards to ensure clients and partners are assured of the best possible service.


Infoprive Services Limited

Infoprive Services Limited is the organisation that supported Onix in achieving the 2 new certifications. We are an information security group of companies that provides end-to-end cybersecurity services to all business levels.


Onix Data Centres Ltd

Onix Data Centres Ltd owns and operates Data Centres in the Africa region. Its flagship facility is the top-rated Tier IV certified, co-location, carrier-neutral Data Centre based in Accra, Ghana, the only one of its kind in the region.


As a Tier IV, enterprise-class facility, Onix Data Center offers stable, reliable, and uninterrupted service with an annual expected uptime of 99.995%. As a colocation facility, clients benefit from world-class cooling systems, fire suppression systems and backup energy redundancy with minimal costs compared to building and maintaining an in-house data facility.

Additionally, the data centre in Accra has an onsite solar farm of 726kWp, providing enough daytime energy to run the entire facility, ensuring that Onix maintains its responsible sustainability policy and mitigates its impact on the climate.

The official accreditation (Uptime tier IV rated, PCI-DSS) satisfies the increasingly stringent requirements laid down by regulated entities such as telecommunications companies, banks, social media companies, health care facilities, the education sector and various arms of the government, which house sensitive information, all of which collocate their servers at the facilities.


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