Application Security

Our trained team of security experts  review your custom application code, either web or mobile  for vulnerabilities and possible exploits with the intent of protecting customers credit card data as well ensuring transaction integrity .

Cloud Security

We offer protection for web application hosted in the cloud and provide the peace of mind necessary for fintech start-ups to innovate and grow their businesses.


Threat Analytics

Through the aid of  world-class technology ,processes and continuous monitoring , we analyze all traffic data  for threats and convert it into security  intelligence to help you make informed and timely decisions about cyber-security enhancements.

PCIDSS Compliance

As the No 1 PCIDSS Compliance Consultant in Sub-Saharan Africa; we offer top notch advisory on payment applications and card data protection that aids a seamless process of getting PCIDSS compliant either as a merchant or service provider.

Understand how our solutions can mitigate your critical business information security threats