Employee CyberSecurity Training – Why it is important?

If you have to ask why Employee Cyber Security Training is important, the answer is simple. Employees need to know how to recognize security threats so they can be equipped to avoid, report or remove it.

Employees are the most common links for phishers in the business world. Companies could strengthen their cyberspace but a mistake from an employee could send everything tumbling down.

According to a 2019 survey carried out by the State of IT Security, email security and employee training are among the top challenges faced by information technology (IT) security professionals. Research also shows that studies show 90% of data breaches are caused by human error.

In the IT world, hackers are known to use artificial intelligence. Unlike AI, humans make mistakes. They can be misled by impersonators, victims of click baits and other tactics used by hackers. Thus, It is up to every security-conscious organizations to train its employees.

Here we have three simple reasons why you should set up those training sessions for your staff.

  • It saves money: You could think of these training as an investment to your company and a preventive measure because the cure can inquire a lot of costs. Having a security-conscious team will save your company the costs of fixing damages when security is breached.
  • It saves time: Another thing as important as money is time, it is said to be more important because money can be recovered but the same can not be said for time. Think about the time it would take to recover lost data and fix what needs to be fixed. While trying to fix a security breach, your business could be at risk as a result of neglect.
  • Better Security: This is the end goal of organizing training for your employees. This proactive measure makes it easier to sleep soundly at night. It is important to note, that employees training depends on the aspects of their jobs. The training the account department needs should be personalized to fit them, the same goes to the human resources department and so on.


An employee can not recognize or combat a security threat if they do not recognize it in the first place. Despite firewalls and other security software, employees are still the most sought after targets for phishers. The more employees, the more targets there are.

This should not deter companies from having lots of employees, however, it should be an incentive to organizing Cyber Security Training. Employees are the most vulnerable links in the chain, but then again, this is something that can be changed or improved upon.

Cybersecurity training should involve making employees aware of security threats, and procedures to follow when a threat is identified and security is breached.

Identifying what training needs to be delivered, who needs to be trained and the type of employee engagement is important. The first step, however, is a willingness to do it. If you are confused about what to deliver in this training, fear not. There are cybersecurity organizations equipped to set up and deliver this training for you.

Are you still unconvinced? Do you still think Employee Trainings on Cyber Security is not a priority? Let us know in the comment section.

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