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Compliance Management

A leading enterprise payment gateway provider achieves regulatory compliance with inforpive advisory


Our client a leading Information Technology firm in the realm of Financial Technology aim to stay ahead in creating access to innovation by providing solutions to financial institutions for long-term competitive advantage.

With expertise in the development of payment enterprise gateways for banks, businesses, and other marketplace companies to better facilitate payment transactions using APIs to connect inter and intra-Africa borders with different payment methods ranging from cards, wallets, and bank accounts.

They are known as forerunners They Build, Connect and Bridge the payment gap in Africa. Currently processing payments in Nine (9) African countries.

Business Challenge

Our client as a cloud-based merchant had the need to be assessed against the requirements of PCI-DSS standard to reduce/mitigate the amount of card data breaches


In the first phase, we began with a Diagnostics phase which comprised of certain activities such as scoping assessment whereby we consulted with the personnel to understand the business and technical operations that required compliance to the standard; we then proceeded to conduct a gap assessment on the defined areas. (The gap assessment would seek to determine the compliance level of your documentation, processes, and information technology infrastructure to the PCI-DSS standard).


We then moved to the last activity whereby we developed a blueprint that stated the steps required to close the identified gaps as well as improve the client’s security posture.

In the second phase, Implementation & Remediation Management, we proceeded to provide support and guidance in the implementation of applicable PCI-DSS controls.

Finally, the compliance assessment was conducted by our team of certified Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) and the successful evidence of compliance was delivered.


There is the potential for increased business in both current and new markets resulting from getting PCI DSS Certified. In addition, there is an overall improvement in the service/product quality being offered to its clientele.


Not forgetting that having a PCI DSS certification in place from Infoprive Group has helped to provide a distinct advantage over other competitors and helps Centric Gateway’s ability in client acquisitions.

Infoprive’s DNA is anchored on its zest and focus to provide the best solutions to its clients. 

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