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Who We Are


Infoprive’s DNA is anchored on its zest and focus to provide the best solutions to its clients.

Established in Nigeria, with tentacles spreading across Sub-Saharan Africa and presence across 3 continents, we have successfully partnered with key players in the industry, giving us an unparalleled competitive advantage in delivering cutting edge Information security services and solutions to our clients.


Our team is made up of individuals who are skilled and certified across leading security platforms with industry experience in the design and protection of critical infrastructure and financial systems.

We understand the impact our personnel have on our service delivery as well as our brand image, hence, we have developed in-house capability and structure to deliver services and solutions, taking conscious effort in recruiting, training and retraining our people to become specialists and experts who constantly deliver timely and lasting solutions to our customers’ needs.


As an innovative and driven information security company , we are a leading Information security brand with in-depth knowledge and hands-on approach to Information security solutions and services.

We understand the industry as well as our clients dynamism and needs, hence, our unique offerings are carefully selected to be scalable and customizable, effectively meeting our customers’ needs .

At Infoprive we pride ourselves in the following competitive advantage:

  We are a leading PCIDSS compliance consultants in sub Saharan Africa with experience across transaction switching , payment and banking systems .

  We provide comprehensive value-added services with full post implementation support

  We offer expert professional service resources

  Attentive, resourceful and helpful customer support

  We employ, train and re-train dedicated teams of solution specialists to ensure top notch solution delivery

  We partner with leading and innovative security solution provider

  We partner with leading and innovative security solution providers.

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