PCIDSS Compliance Consultant


Our framework delivers the ability to reduce the capital cost associated with deploying and managing information security infrastructure

We ensure our clients derive maximum value and satisfaction from our services and solutions through the application of our action framework, a conceptual framework that helps provide actionable insights for delivering tailored services to meet the dynamic needs of our clients.


We put into consideration our clients strategic goals while proffering services and solutions that meets their needs.


We deploy cost-effective and tailored services and solutions that meet our clients business requirements and surpasses their expectations.


We ensure an alignment of our services  and solutions  to our clients  business objectives and goals.


We ensure that our solutions and services are usable, fit-for-purpose and manageable by our discerning clients.


We continuously monitor the performance of our deployed solutions and make improvements to our services to ensure maximum value is derived.


Our highly skilled team is readily available to give service and post implementation support to our clients.


Implementation and Integration

Cyber incidences are on the increase, and the threat landscape is constantly changing. We help you our clients implement and integrate world-class Information security solutions and services that protects and gives them competitive advantage.

Advisory & Consulting

Through a critical review of client systems, our teams of Information security experts identify where systems are most vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks. We also help to eliminate the pain of achieving and maintaining compliance.

Managed Services

We have extensive and practical experience in managing cyber threats and incidents, hence, we offer Managed Security Services aimed at defending organizations from increasingly sophisticated and targeted cyber threats.

Strategic Partners

We Partner With Leading Innovators In the Information Security Industry

We partner with innovative firms in Information Security industry to deliver security solution and services. Our solutions and services are designed to efficiently meet the dynamic needs of our clients whilst leveraging on the exponential knowledge of our partners and our experience.

To serve the needs of our clients, we are associated with leading OEMs and Innovators in Information Security industry such as:

Testimonials From Our Clients


Our clients realize the following benefits that have made us the best in the industry.

Our clients access tailored and value based guidance that is specific to their unique situation and environment with the aim of improving their security posture through a continuous improvement approach.

We deliver and implement solutions and services that are seamless, scalable and protects organizations preventing the loss of confidential data and information.

We have vast knowledge  and experience in the industry, with an existing client base that cuts across government agencies, financial institutions, network services providers among others.

Innovative security solutions and services; backed by strategic and industry-lead technology innovators and inventors. We provide value by ensuring our clients achieve a positive return on their security investments.


We Are Trusted By Renowned Brands …

We believe our customers are an integral part of our organization; hence, we are always guided by what is ethical and right for our customers.

Our clients include mid-sized and large financial institutions, engineering firms, Investment companies, government agencies , multinational conglomerates, as well as businesses across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Our expertise extends to security assessments and remediation, consulting , implementation, managed services & incident response. We provide tailored and value based guidance that is specific to our clients’ unique situation and environment, with the aim of improving their information security system through a dynamic, result-oriented and continuous improvement approach.

Over the years, we have demonstrated an innate ability to add value to our clients ensuring profitability for their business; making us the number 1 information security company in Nigeria and in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Understand how our solutions can mitigate your critical business information security threats